Database backup

It is now possible to make a back-up of your Prestashop database easily and quickly.

Go to BackOffice>>Tools>>Database Backup.

If you have made previous database backups they will be listed

backup list

To make a new backup, click the "Create new backup".Prestashow will immediatly create a backup and if successful say "Back-up Creation successful"

create backup

You can now download this file by clicking on the bold text "download the back-up file"

When you click this text a dialogue window will open asking you to open or save to disk. Save to disk should be selected by dafault, if not select this option to save the file and then click OK. (You will not have the option to change the GZ file name).

You now have a copy of the file saved to your computer. When you click back on "Database backup" on your sub-menu, the details and file name will be recorded on the backup list. From this list you can then choose to edit or delete these files. Choosing edit will open the dialogue box asking you to open or save the file and delete option will delete this record (but not delete the file you downloaded to your computer)

Tip: be aware that if you do select the backup option but do not select "download the backup file"  after the message "Back-up Creation successful" Prestashop will record this back-up in your list of backups but the backup itself will not have been downloaded to your computer.


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