Adding features

Features (not to be confused with adding featured products on the home page) will allow you to set-up product features that can then be applied to specific products. For example, let’s say you sell notebook computers. You may have a set of features such as screen size, battery life, CPU, height, weight, width  and operating system. Rather than enter these as just text in your product description you can create the feature and then apply feature values to it.

Note: In the default Prestashop theme the features you add here are styled and sit in the “DataSheet Tab” when you view products pages (FrontOffice/Website view, next to more info tab), The default HTML will be in the following format <ul id=”idTab2″ class=”bullet”><li><span>Height</span>: 27.3 mm</li> (Styling these tabs is covered in the Themes –Designers Guide)

Adding New features

We are going to start with the no features installed and not use the default demo date for this example. This is to demonstrate the random order nature of how features are displayed, there really is no logic to how features are displayed in your Prestashop frontOffice. This is a problem for anyone who needs to specify the order features should be displayed in. Hopefully, in the future, Prestashop will add the ability to sort features on a product, within the products>>features section in the near future.

OK, lets begin

Go to Admin>>Catalog>>Features to load the default features screen

features default

As you can see from the screen above, I have no features installed.

Click the “Add feature”. You will now have a screen that look like the image below.

screen shot - adding new feature

screen shot - adding new feature

Enter “Screen size” into the name field and press save. This will return you to the main features screen (Fig 03 ) which now includes your new feature. Now enter a second new feature called "CPU"  and save this. Finally create third  new feature called "Memory and click save"

Note: if you have more than one language installed, before saving, click the flag and enter the description that would be used for that language and continue this for each language you have and then save. This will ensure the feature name displayed to your visitors is changed according to the language they select in your store.


Your main features screen should now look like this. (note they are shown here in the order entered/created)

Ok, now we now want to enter the feature values that can be used with Screen size, CPU and Memory. We will need to add all the values that can be applied to any product in our store. Then, when we are using the products>>features, we can choose which features apply the a particular product, and what feature value should be used.

Click the “Add feature value” link. We are going to enter the following processor options, in this order 1) Intel® Celeron® processor 450, 2) Intel® Pentium® processor E5200, 3) Intel® Core™ i7-965 processor Extreme Edition

Therefore start by entering Intel® Celeron® processor 450, (making sure CPU is the feature group chosen from the drop down box) then press save. (PS. If you have multiple languages installed, click the flag and enter and appropiate description for that language before saving).

features values

When you click save you will return to the main features screen.  Now click “Add feature value” link again and this time enter Intel® Pentium® processor E5200, for CPU feature then "save". Finally enter Intel® Core™ i7-965 processor Extreme Edition, then press save. You will notice that on the main featured screen (Below) you cannot immediately see the values you have just entered. Dont worry for the monemt, we will get to this in a minute.

Lets now ceate feature values for our feature group Screen Size, create two values, 17" LCD Display and 19" LCD Display . Once you happy with your input, create  1GB and 2GB for your Memory feature. Enter these in the order shown.

On your main screen click the text name for each feature. This will exand to display the values you have entered . If you have enetered everything ias suggested and in the right order, your display should look like the following screen.


Notice, the features are displayed in the order we entered them. However, if you look at the feature values, these are not in the order we entered them for the CPU.  Whilst the features themselves are displayed in the order created, the values are using alfa range: 0-9, then a-z. Because Intel Core in lower in the alphabet than Intel Pentium, its shown first. This sorting behavior with no control for the administrator is frustrating, especially as these rules are not folowed on the frontOffice/Website. Of course we have to account for the fact that Prestashop is new and there is a lot of development going on. However, I hope we will get the control to specify the order we want features and feature value displayed in for the products features themselves added as enhancements in future versions of Prestashop.  We could of course dive in and modify the code and database to provide the sorting functionality needed, but  this presents potential issues on upgrades and at this level, its much better to have the capability in the standrad product.

Now that we have created our feature and the associated values, they are available for you to use within your products. Adding features to products is covered in products>>features

Please be aware that many Prestashop sections are incomplete and our of date as this site is no longer maintained


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